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300 mm Wafer-level, ultra-dense arrays of Au-capped nanopillars with sub-10 nm gaps as reliable SERS substrates.
The 193 nm deep UV immersion lithography is leveraged to fabricate highly dense and uniform arrays of Au-capped Si nanopillars on a 300 mm wafer level, and the substrates are applied in surfaceExpand
Silicon Nano-Pillar Test Structures for Quantitative Evaluation of Wafer Drying Induced Pattern Collapse
Silicon nano-pillars as test structures for quantitative evaluation of advanced wafer drying are presented. The method consists of the use of pillar structures with an aspect ratio up to 28 inExpand
Epitaxial diamond-hexagonal silicon nano-ribbon growth on (001) silicon
A method based on advanced silicon device processing to form diamond-hexagonal silicon nano-ribbons, found being stable during subsequent high temperature treatments even during process steps up to 1050 ºC is discussed. Expand
High Q inductor add-on module in thick Cu/SiLK/sup TM/ single damascene
Thick Cu single damascene inductors with very high Q factors are integrated on top of a standard aluminum 3LM BEOL process. Obtained Q factors are more than four times higher than Q factors of theExpand
Post patterning meso porosity creation: a potential solution for pore sealing
The creation of meso porosity in single damascene structures after patterning has been investigated to facilitate the sealing of the sidewalls by iPVD barriers. The dielectric stack consists ofExpand
Integration feasibility of porous SiLK* semiconductor dielectric
The feasibility of integrating a SiLK* Semiconductor Dielectric film (*trademark of The Dow Chemical Company) that contains closed pores was studied using a single damascene test vehicle. The studyExpand
Characterisation and integration feasibility of JSR's low-k dielectric LKD-5109
Increasing the circuit density is driving the need for lower permittivity interlayer dielectrics (ILD) to reduce the capacitance between long parallel lines. JSR's LKD-5109, an MSQ-based material, isExpand
Integration of a low permittivity spin-on embedded hardmask for Cu/SiLK resin dual damascene
The feasibility of integrating a low permittivity spin-on hardmask (SoHM) into a Cu dual damascene structure using SiLK* Semiconductor Resin (*trademark of The Dow Chemical Company) has beenExpand
Integration of Cu and low- k dielectrics: effect of hard mask and dry etch on electrical performance of damascene structures
Abstract In this work we discuss the importance of selecting the hard mask material and choosing the optimum dry etch and post-CMP clean processes on the integration of Cu and organic low-kExpand