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Continent-wide response of mountain vegetation to climate change
Climate impact studies have indicated ecological fingerprints of recent global warming across a wide range of habitats1, 2. Although these studies have shown responses from various local caseExpand
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Vascular plant diversity and climate change in the alpine zone of the Lefka Ori, Crete
The aim of this study is to analyse the vascular flora and the local climate along an altitudinal gradient in the Lefka Ori massif Crete and to evaluate the potential effects of climate change on theExpand
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Nature protection in Greece: an appraisal of the factors shaping integrative conservation and policy effectiveness
Abstract The proliferation of designated areas following the implementation of Natura 2000 in Greece has initiated changes in the protected area design and conservation policy making aiming atExpand
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Local management and landscape drivers of pollination and biological control services in a Kenyan agro-ecosystem
Arthropods that have a direct impact on crop production (i.e. pests, natural enemies and pollinators) can be influenced by both local farm management and the context within which the fields occur inExpand
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Land degradation and vegetation distribution in Chott El Beida wetland, Algeria
The aim of this study is to explore the environmental factors that determine plant community distribution in northeast Algeria. This paper provides a quantitative analysis of theExpand
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Mediterranean ecosystems: problems and tools for conservation
Mediterranean ecosystems rival tropical ecosystems in terms of plant biodiversity. The Mediterranean Basin (MB) itself hosts 25 000 plant species, half of which are endemic. This rich biodiversityExpand
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Ecological changes in the highest temporary pond of western Crete (Greece): past, present and future
This study explores the past, present and future ecological changes in the highest Mediterranean temporary pond (Omalos pond) in western Crete, Greece. Data from downcore pollen analysis (includingExpand
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GIS-based Modelling and Ecology : A Review of Tools and Methods
The rapid development of computers and associated software during the last thirty years has led to the expansion (emergence) of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Geographical informationExpand
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Processes and patterns of landscape change on a small Aegean island: The case of Sifnos, Greece
The Mediterranean island landscape is a mosaic of land-cover types that manifest the historical interaction between physical and anthropogenic processes that have affected significantly landscapeExpand
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