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5α,8α-Epidioxycholest-6-en-3-β-ol from three cone snails of the Indian ocean
Three cone snail species (Conus ebraeus, C. leopardus, C. tessulatus, family Conidae) have been investigated for their sterolic fraction. Besides cholesterol, 5α,8α-epidioxycholest-6-en-3-β-ol hasExpand
A new alkaloid from the purple Indian Ocean tunicate Eudistoma bituminis
A new alkaloid, segoline C 1 possessing the benzo 1,6-diazaphenanthroline ring system has been isolated from the Indian Ocean tunicate Eudistoma bituminis with the known segoline A 2 isolated fromExpand
Phospholipid FA from indian ocean tunicates Eudistoma bituminis and Cystodytes violatinctus
Two tunicates (Fudistoma bituminis and Cystodytes violatinctus, family Polycitoridae) were investigated for the FA content of their phospholipids and found to contain phytanic acid and Δ10-unsaturated FA, which had not previously been found in such organisms. Expand