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Cholesterol Induces Specific Spatial and Orientational Order in Cholesterol/Phospholipid Membranes
Background In lipid bilayers, cholesterol facilitates the formation of the liquid-ordered phase and enables the formation of laterally ordered structures such as lipid rafts. While these domains haveExpand
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Molecular lipidomics of exosomes released by PC-3 prostate cancer cells.
The molecular lipid composition of exosomes is largely unknown. In this study, sophisticated shotgun and targeted molecular lipidomic assays were performed for in-depth analysis of the lipidomes ofExpand
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Effect of NaCl and KCl on phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine lipid membranes: insight from atomic-scale simulations for understanding salt-induced effects in the plasma membrane.
To gain a better understanding of how monovalent salt under physiological conditions affects plasma membranes, we have performed 200 ns atomic-scale molecular dynamics simulations ofExpand
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Integration schemes for dissipative particle dynamics simulations: From softly interacting systems towards hybrid models
We examine the performance of various commonly used integration schemes in dissipative particle dynamics simulations. We consider this issue using three different model systems, which characterize aExpand
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Molecular dynamics simulations of lipid bilayers: major artifacts due to truncating electrostatic interactions.
We study the influence of truncating the electrostatic interactions in a fully hydrated pure dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) bilayer through 20 ns molecular dynamics simulations. TheExpand
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BODIPY‐Cholesterol: A New Tool to Visualize Sterol Trafficking in Living Cells and Organisms
Analysis of sterol distribution and transport in living cells has been hampered by the lack of bright, photostable fluorescent sterol derivatives that closely resemble cholesterol. In this study, weExpand
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Cholesterol modulates glycolipid conformation and receptor activity.
We document a new dimension of surface recognition in which communication is controlled through the collective behavior of lipids. Membrane cholesterol induces a tilt in glycolipid receptorExpand
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3D pressure field in lipid membranes and membrane-protein complexes.
We calculate full 3D pressure fields for inhomogeneous nanoscale systems using molecular dynamics simulation data. The fields represent systems with increasing level of complexity, ranging fromExpand
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Under the influence of alcohol: the effect of ethanol and methanol on lipid bilayers.
Extensive microscopic molecular dynamics simulations have been performed to study the effects of short-chain alcohols, methanol and ethanol, on two different fully hydrated lipid bilayer systemsExpand
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Association of Lipidome Remodeling in the Adipocyte Membrane with Acquired Obesity in Humans
The authors describe a new approach to studying cellular lipid profiles and propose a compensatory mechanism that may help maintain the normal membrane function of adipocytes in the context ofExpand
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