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The trajectories of European cities, 1960–2005
Cities have been viewed for several decades as the places within Europe typically facing the greatest problems associated with economic and population decline. A contrasting view has emerged recentlyExpand
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Persistent Polarisation Post-Apartheid? Progress towards Urban Integration in Cape Town
The paper examines the progress made since 1994 to reduce the deep social and spatial divisions in South African cities, focusing on the impact of current development trends in Cape Town. BasicExpand
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Urbanisation and development in South Africa: economic imperatives, spatial distortions and strategic responses
ii ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ivan Turok has researched and written extensively on urban and regional development and policy in the global north and south. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The paper draws on researchExpand
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Cities, Clusters and Creative Industries: The Case of Film and Television in Scotland
Interest in the creative industries has burgeoned in recent years. They convey many positive images for the development of cities and regions in an increasingly market-driven, globalized economy. TheExpand
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Cities, Regions and Competitiveness
Turok I. (2004) Cities, regions and competitiveness, Regional Studies38, 1061-1075. Competitiveness is a complex concept used in a variety of ways and contexts. The paper reviews some of the mainExpand
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Students in Cities: A Preliminary Analysis of Their Patterns and Effects
This paper adds to a growing literature on the impacts of the growth in student numbers in the UK, by focusing explicitly on their spatial residential patterns and impacts on labour markets inExpand
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The jobs gap in Britain's cities : employment loss and labour market consequences
Spatial trends sectoral trends socioeconomic trends labour market consequences the scale of labour supply responses differences between cities conclusions and implications.
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The Distinctive City: Pitfalls in the Pursuit of Differential Advantage
In the face of growing competitive pressures, cities in Britain and elsewhere have been exploring new ways of promoting their distinctiveness in order to increase local prosperity. I analyse the mainExpand
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Property-Led Urban Regeneration: Panacea or Placebo?
In recent years urban policy has come to rely increasingly on private-sector property development to provide the driving force. Popular opinion is sharply divided about the value of this approach. InExpand
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Inward Investment and Local Linkages: How Deeply Embedded is “Silicon Glen”?
TUROK I. (1993) Inward investment and local linkages: how deeply embedded is “Silicon Glen”?, Reg. Studies 27, 401–417. Substantial opportunities were created for local linkages by the sharp growthExpand
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