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A study of depression and anxiety among doctors working in emergency units in Denizli, Turkey
A considerable amount of depression and anxiety was found among doctors working in emergency units in Denizli, Turkey, and studies using more powerful designs would help to illuminate the factors leading to depression and Anxiety, which result in attrition among doctors from emergency units.
Intravenous administration of metoclopramide by 2 min bolus vs 15 min infusion: does it affect the improvement of headache while reducing the side effects?
Slowing the infusion rate of metoclopramide is an effective strategy for the improvement of headache and reducing the incidence of akathisia in patients with vascular type headache.
Hospital costs of managing deliberate self-poisoning in Turkey.
The study sample had many differences in demographic and clinical outcomes of patients with DSP as well as hospital costs compared with global reports, which showed statistically significant differences with respect to sex, type of intoxicants, and location of treatment.
Do we really need plain and soft-tissue radiographies to detect radiolucent foreign bodies in the ED?
The results show that high-frequency ultrasonography is superior to plain and soft-tissue radiographies and that the latter 2 techniques are similarly poor at detecting nonradiopaque foreign bodies.
Intravenous paracetamol versus dexketoprofen in acute migraine attack in the emergency department: a randomised clinical trial
Intravenous paracetamol and dexketoprofen appear to produce equivalent pain relief for migraine in the emergency department.
Analysis of clinical and demographic characteristics of patients presenting with renal colic in the emergency department
Although RC is a common ED presentation for which the emergency physician has no guidelines in terms of diagnosis and management, there is no exact pattern to guide ordering investigations and patients with atypical presentations stay longer in the ED and are likely to undergo additional tests in management.
Therapeutic plasma exchange in amitriptyline intoxication: case report and review of the literature.
A case of severe amitriptyline poisoning successfully treated with plasma exchange is presented and plasma exchange therapy should be considered in cases of severeAmitriptYline intoxication as a life saving therapeutic modality.
Uncommon cardiovascular manifestations after a Latrodectus bite.
Violence toward health care workers in emergency departments in Denizli, Turkey
All health care personnel withinEmergency departments should be aware of the risk of violence and should be prepared for unpredictable conditions and events; in addition, security systems should be updated so that violence within emergency departments can be prevented.
Hospital cost analysis of management of patients with renal colic in the emergency department
Renal stones were associated with the lowest hospital costs and radiological investigations are the greatest contributors in the ED costs in patients with RC, while preventive measures as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures should be standardized in the emergency department.