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Determination of molecular species composition of C80 or longer-chain alpha-mycolic acids in Mycobacterium spp. by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and mass chromatography.
The molecular species composition of alpha-mycolic acids ranging from C68 to C86 in 13 rapidly growing and 12 slowly growing mycobacterial species was determined by gas chromatography, gasExpand
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Mycolic acid composition and thermally adaptative changes in Nocardia asteroides.
  • I. Tomiyasu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of bacteriology
  • 1 August 1982
The nocardomycolic acid compositions of extractable and the cell wall-bound lipids from five strains of Nocardia asteroides (A-23007, A-23094, B-23006, B-23095, and IFO 3384) were compared by usingExpand
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Occurrence of a novel glycolipid, 'trehalose 2,3,6'‐trimycolate' in a psychrophilic, acid‐fast bacterium, Rhodococcus aurantiacus (Gordona aurantiaca)
A new type of glycolipid possessing trehalose and mycolic acids has been identified in the lipids of Rhodococcus aurantiacus (Gordona aurantiaca), a psychrophilic acid‐fast bacterium. GasExpand
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Changes in molecular species composition of nocardomycolic acids in nocardia rubra by the growth temperature
Nocardomycolic acids from Nocardia rubra were fully separated and characterized by a combination of argentation thin-layer chromatography and gas chromatography — mass spectrometry (GCMS). TheExpand
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Separation and analysis of novel polyunsaturated mycolic acids from a psychrophilic, acid-fast bacterium, Gordona aurantiaca.
More than 30 molecular species of highly unsaturated mycolic acids, ranging from C60 to C78 and possessing between two and seven double bonds, have been obtained from a new genus of acid-fastExpand
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Incorporation of 18O into long-chain, secondary alcohols derived from ester mycolic acids in Mycobacterium phlei
Abstract 18 O from an 18 O 2 atmosphere was actively incorporated into long-chain, secondary alcohols, such as 2-octadecanol, 2-eicosanol and 2-docosanol, which are derived from ester mycolic acids,Expand
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Isolation of mycolic acid-containing glycolipids in Nocardia rubra and their granuloma forming activity in mice.
Three classes of glycolipids (TMM (trehalose monomycolate), TDM (trehalose dimycolate) and GM (glucose mycolate] containing mycolic acids as hydrophobic components were isolated from a strain ofExpand
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Separation and analysis of free ceramides containing 2-hydroxy fatty acids in Sphingobacterium species
The occurrence of free ceramides was shown in the chloroform-methanol extractable lipids of 16 strains of Sphingobacterium including three species: S. versatilis, S. multivorum and S. mizutae. TheExpand
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