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Early manifestations and mechanism of the neurotoxic action of organophosphorus pesticides
The inhibition of neurotoxic esterase activity in chicken brain has been studied in vitro and in vivo. Aphos exposure, causing chicken paralysis, has demonstrated that the initial stage of delayedExpand
[Delayed neurotoxic action of a new fungicide aphos].
It has been established that administration of aphos to chickens within a wide dose range (3000-25 mg/kg) produces a retarded neurotoxic action that is manifested by the development of ataxia,Expand
[The clinico-immunological parallels of hemosorption using different sorbents in the treatment of bronchial asthma patients].
A comprehensive clinical and functional and allergo-immunological comparative evaluation was done of hemosorption involving the KAU, SKN hemosorbents, "Gemosfer" and a DNA-containing sorbent in 341Expand
[Determination of the activity of neurotoxic esterase in the peripheral blood lymphocytes for assessing the action of organophosphorus compounds].
It was shown on a model of intoxication of hens with aphos possessing a selective neuroparalytic action that the target-enzyme neurotoxic esterase changed its activity in the brain, spleen andExpand
Ore-concentrating structures with telescoped uranium mineralization
Deep faults are the main controlling elements in uranium ore fields, although the immediate geologic environments may be quite varied. Within the fault zones, the uranium fields are usuallyExpand
[The clinico-immunological characteristics of the treatment of patients with a severe course of bronchial asthma using the method of the extracorporeal incorporation of pig donor spleen].
A comprehensive clinical-and-immunological evaluation was done of efficiency of treatment of patients with severe forms of bronchial asthma (BA) by hemosorption through donor porcine spleen,Expand
[The comparative efficacy of hemosorption and xenosorption in bronchial asthma patients].
The authors studied comparative clinical, immunologic, laboratory and functional effectiveness of hemosorption (HS) on charcoals and xenosorption (XS) on donor pig spleen in bronchial asthmaExpand