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Trace Elements in Soils and Plants
Fifteen or more elements present in rocks and soils normally in very small amounts are essential for plant and/or animal nutrition. By the nature of their low abundance in natural uncontaminatedExpand
The solid-solution partitioning of heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb) in upland soils of England and Wales.
The calibrated model provided fair predictions of total heavy metal concentrations in soil solution, and predicted free metal ion concentrations were in reasonable agreement with the values obtained from solution-only speciation calculations. Expand
Metal contamination in urban, suburban, and country park soils of Hong Kong: a study based on GIS and multivariate statistics.
The Pb isotopic composition of the urban, suburban, and country park soils showed that vehicular emissions were the major anthropogenic sources for Pb, and metal contamination were mainly concentrated in the northern and western parts of Hong Kong Island. Expand
The study of metal contamination in urban soils of Hong Kong using a GIS-based approach.
Several hot-spot areas of metal contamination were identified from the composite metal geochemical map, mainly in the old industrial and residential areas, and the Pb isotope composition of the contaminated soils showed clear anthropogenic origins. Expand
Urban environmental geochemistry of trace metals.
An overview of the development of urban environmental geochemistry as a field of scientific study is provided and major transitions during the course of its development from its establishment to the major scientific interests in the field today are highlighted. Expand
Factors influencing metal bioavailability in soils: preliminary investigations for the development of a critical loads approach for metals
The concept of critical loads, previously applied to acidifying substances, is currently being extended, within the Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP), to several metals:Expand
Heavy metal distribution in sediment profiles of the Pearl River estuary, South China
The Pearl River estuary is created by the inflow of freshwater from the largest river system that drains into the South China Sea. In recent years, massive economic growth and development in theExpand
Assessing potential risk of heavy metal exposure from consumption of home-produced vegetables by urban populations.
The results showed that food grown on 92% of the urban area presented minimal risk to the average person subgroup, however, more vulnerable population subgroups (highly exposed person and the highly exposed infant) were subject to hazard index values greater than unity. Expand
Chemical partitioning of trace and major elements in soils contaminated by mining and smelting activities
Abstract Soils from historical Pb mining and smelting areas in Derbyshire, England have been analysed by a 5-step sequential extraction procedure, with multielement determination on extractionExpand
Heavy metal contamination of soils and plants in the vicinity of a lead-zinc mine, Korea
Current research has been focused on the influence of base metal mining on heavy metal contamination in the surface environment and its implications for soils and plants. Soils were sampled in andExpand