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The human chin revisited: what is it and who has it?
The essential features of symphyseal morphology in H. sapiens are pointed out, which are present and well-defined in the fetus at least as early as the fifth gestational month and serve to emphasize the importance of studying this region in juveniles whenever possible.
Madagascar's Lemurs: Cryptic diversity or taxonomic inflation?
Because the same causes underlie taxonomic inflation in Madagascar as elsewhere, this extraordinary island once again presents us with a microcosm of the larger world.
Species recognition in human paleontology
How Could Language Have Evolved?
This Essay argues that the ability to “merge” two syntactic elements uniquely explains the recentness and stability of language.
Becoming Human: Evolution and Human Uniqueness
Prologue The creative explosion The brain and intelligence: Humans and apes Evolution for what? Starting out Becoming human Being human Postscript Further reading
Lemur Diversity in Madagascar
The aim is to provide a baseline for future taxonomic investigation, as well as a clearer focus for research and conservation priorities, and to review the current understanding of the diversity and current and past ranges of lemurs and indicate where there is controversy, discrepancy, or lack of knowledge.