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Ultrasound Molecular Imaging of VEGFR2 in a Rat Prostate Tumor Model Using BR55
Objectives:To evaluate BR55, a new VEGFR2-specific ultrasound contrast agent, for imaging prostate tumors in an orthotopic model in the rat. Materials and Methods:Rat prostate adenocarcinoma wereExpand
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Use of Ultrasound Contrast Agent Microbubbles in Preclinical Research: Recommendations for Small Animal Imaging
AbstractUltrasound contrast imaging techniques represent a real opportunity to improve efficiency in the preclinical drug discovery and development process. Ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs) combinedExpand
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BR55: A Lipopeptide-Based VEGFR2-Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agent for Molecular Imaging of Angiogenesis
Objectives:BR55, an ultrasound contrast agent functionalized with a heterodimer peptide targeting the vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2), was evaluated in vitro and in vivo,Expand
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Hair diameter diversity: a clinical sign reflecting the follicle miniaturization.
BACKGROUND The degree of androgenetic alopecia is generally evaluated either by global clinical scales or time-consuming methods like phototrichogram or histological studies. We describe a newExpand
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Skin ageing: a comparison between Chinese and European populations. A pilot study.
BACKGROUND Although limited data are available, it is commonly considered that Europeans and Asians have different skin ageing features. OBJECTIVES The present studies have been carried out toExpand
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Molecular and functional ultrasound imaging in differently aggressive breast cancer xenografts using two novel ultrasound contrast agents (BR55 and BR38)
ObjectivesTo characterise clinically translatable long-circulating (BR38) and VEGFR2-targeted (BR55) microbubbles (MB) and to assess their ability to discriminate breast cancer models with differentExpand
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Effects of acoustic radiation force on the binding efficiency of BR55, a VEGFR2-specific ultrasound contrast agent.
This work describes an in vivo study analyzing the effect of acoustic radiation force (ARF) on the binding of BR55 VEGFR2-specific contrast-agent microbubbles in a model of prostatic adenocarcinomaExpand
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Computational and experimental analysis of the scattering by rotating fans
The electromagnetic scattering of rotating blades is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. We have developed an analytical method based on physical optics (PO) and the method ofExpand
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Histological features of peripilar signs associated with androgenetic alopecia
BackgroundA study of the scalp in a large cohort of volunteers with androgenetic alopecia using macrophotographs showed the presence of peripilar signs (PPS) around the hair ostia.ObjectiveThe aim ofExpand
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Substrate competition in postischemic myocardium. Effect of substrate availability during reperfusion on metabolic and contractile recovery in isolated rat hearts.
Normal myocardium can derive energy for contraction and relaxation from oxidative metabolism of a variety of substrates. This investigation examined the influence of substrate availability earlyExpand
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