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Socio-economic drivers of deforestation in Roghani Valley, Hindu-Raj Mountains, Northern Pakistan
Deforestation and associated ecological disturbances are the issues of global concern. Researchers have investigated a number of driving forces which accelerate the rate of deforestation at local andExpand
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Forest Dilemma in the Hindu Raj Mountains Northern Pakistan: Impact of Population Growth and Household Dynamics
Mountain ecosystems are fragile and sensitive to changes. The past few decades have witnessed substantial changes in every aspect of the bio-physical and socio-cultural environment of the northernExpand
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Degradation of Communal Natural Resources and their Impacts on Mountain Women: A Case Study of Karak District Pakistan
In semiarid mountainous belt of Pakistan communal natural resources are economically very important. Majority of the local marginal groups are heavily dependent on communal forests, water points andExpand
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Land Use Temporal Changes: A Comparison Using Field Survey and Remote Sensing. (A Case Study of Killi Kambarani & Satellite Town, Quetta City)
The Urban areas are changing due to various human activities, natural conditions and development activities. This paper is aimed to quantify and analyze the land use change that occurred from 1982 toExpand
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Community Resilience, Perception and Response to Flood Hazard: A Case study of Nowshera Kalan, District Nowshera
Previously floods were studied as a hydrological phenomenon and structural and nonstructural measures were adopted to deal with, but now it is believed that increasing the resilience of the communityExpand
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Honor, Revenge in Socio-Geographic Space of Pashtuns
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.)IntroductionIn the Epic of Gilgamesh, arguably the world's first major work of literature, the goddess Ninhursag creates the wild man Enkidu to cureExpand
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Dynamics of communal land degradation and its implications in the arid mountains of pakistan: A study of District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkuwa
Similar to other areas of Pakistan, land resources in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is kept under various ownership regimes for socio-economic and ecological benefits. For the last three to four decades,Expand
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Ownership, Management and Utilization of Common Pool Resources in Mehlp Valley, Chitral, North Pakistan
AbstractIn the remote mountainous valleys management of natural resources is closely associated with ownership regimes and perceived importance of resources for subsistence sustenance. SinceExpand
Community Based Natural Resource Management in Roghani Valley, Northern Pakistan
AbstractFacing the scarcity of natural resources, high environmental risks and threats, and undependable accessibility, most of the mountain communities have evolved indigenous sustenance strategiesExpand
Indian Medicinal Plants Database (IMPLAD) and Threatened Medicinal Plants of India
Medicinal plants have become of great relevance to the health care of the people, with a vast global population still relying on them. While developing the nation’s most comprehensive,Expand