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CENP-E is a putative kinetochore motor that accumulates just before mitosis
THE mechanics of chromosome movement, mitotic spindle assembly and spindle elongation have long been central questions of cell biology1. After attachment in prometaphase of a micro-tubule from oneExpand
Dynactin, a conserved, ubiquitously expressed component of an activator of vesicle motility mediated by cytoplasmic dynein
Although cytoplasmic dynein is known to attach to microtubules and translocate toward their minus ends, dynein's ability to serve in vitro as a minus end-directed transporter of membranous organellesExpand
Primary structure of NuMA, an intranuclear protein that defines a novel pathway for segregation of proteins at mitosis
From a collection of monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to various parts of the mitotic apparatus in human cells (1991. J. Cell Biol. 112: 1083-1097), two (1F1 and 1H1) recognize a greaterExpand
Characterization of a thyroid hormone receptor expressed in human kidney and other tissues.
A cDNA encoding a specific form of thyroid hormone receptor expressed in human liver, kidney, placenta, and brain was isolated from a human kidney library. Identical clones were found in humanExpand
Neurosyphilis presenting as herpes simplex encephalitis.
We report the case of a 55-year-old man with neurosyphilis that presented with features of herpes simplex encephalitis. Neurosyphilis is easily diagnosed and treated and should be included in theExpand
West Nile viral encephalitis in an HIV-positive woman in New York.
To the Editor: We describe a 38-year-old woman with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and West Nile viral encephalitis. She had a CD4+ lymphocyte count of 351 per cubic millimeter, lessExpand