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[On the development of lung cancer based on sclerodermic lung fibrosis].
  • K. Hollosi, I. Szám
  • Medicine
  • Wiener Zeitschrift fur innere Medizin und ihre…
  • 1 November 1960
Antihypertensive effect of guanfacine: long-term 'once-a-day' treatment and sudden withdrawal.
In the post-treatment placebo period there were significant increases in blood pressure and heart rate compared with the last readings during the treatment period, however, these never exceeded the pretreatment values. Expand
[Pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer in scleroderma].
[Plasma ammonia concentration in cor pulmonale].
Aortic stenosis--angiodysplasia of the caecum.
A 73-year-old female patient developed beside aortic stenosis angiodysplasia in the caecum, which gave rise to serious, repeated intestinal bleedings, which was detected by mesenterial angiography and resection of the colonic section concerned. Expand
[Aortic stenosis--angiodysplasia of the cecum].
Long-term antihypertensive therapy with guanfacine.
  • I. Szám, J. Holló
  • Medicine
  • International journal of clinical pharmacology…
  • 1 August 1982
Twenty patients with essential hypertension were treated with guanfacine given in single 1-5 mg daily doses over a period of 24 weeks, and there was a significant decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. Expand