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Carbon Paste Electrodes in Facts, Numbers, and Notes: A Review on the Occasion of the 50‐Years Jubilee of Carbon Paste in Electrochemistry and Electroanalysis
This article reviews the electrochemistry and electroanalytical applications of carbon paste-based electrodes, sensors, and detectors on the occasion of the half-of-century anniversary since theExpand
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Carbon Paste Electrodes in Modern Electroanalysis
Recent trends and advances in the electrochemistry with both unmodified and modified carbon paste electrodes are reviewed (247 refs.). Present day knowledge of their basic physico-chemical propertiesExpand
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A Decade with Bismuth‐Based Electrodes in Electroanalysis
In this article, the decade of electroanalysis with bismuth-based electrodes is reviewed (with 222 refs.). Emphasis is put on the environmentally friendly (“green”) character of bismuth electrodes,Expand
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Anodic stripping voltammetric measurement of trace heavy metals at antimony film carbon paste electrode
Abstract The antimony film carbon paste electrode (SbF-CPE) was prepared in situ on the carbon paste substrate electrode as a “mercury-free” electrochemical sensor. Its aptitude for measuring someExpand
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Antimony Film Microelectrode for Anodic Stripping Measurement of Cadmium(II), Lead(II) and Copper(II)
The antimony film microelectrode (SbFME) is presented for measuring trace heavy metal ions in combination with anodic stripping voltammetry. The SbFME was tested in model solutions of 0.01 M HClExpand
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Amperometric determination of hydrogen peroxide with a manganese dioxide film-modified screen printed carbon electrode
Abstract A carbon thick film electrode modified with an MnO2-film is investigated as an amperometric detector for hydrogen peroxide in flow-injection analysis (FIA). At an operating potential ofExpand
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Carbon paste electrodes plated with a gold film for the voltammetric determination of mercury(II)
Carbon pastes of different compositions were tested as supports for gold film electrodes. A paste containing highly-viscous silicone oil as a binder was found the most suitable. ExperimentalExpand
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Antimony film electrode for electrochemical stripping analysis.
In this work, an antimony film electrode (SbFE) is reported for the first time as a possible alternative for electrochemical stripping analysis of trace heavy metals. The SbFE was prepared in situ onExpand
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Novel electrode for electrochemical stripping analysis based on carbon paste modified with bismuth powder
Abstract Bismuth-powder modified carbon paste electrode (Bi-CPE) is presented as an attractive “mercury-free” sensor applicable in electrochemical striping analysis of selected heavy metals. TheExpand
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Amperometric Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide With a Manganese Dioxide-modified Carbon Paste Electrode Using Flow Injection Analysis
A carbon paste electrode bulk modified with MnO 2 was investigated as an amperometric detector for hydrogen peroxide in flow injection analysis (FIA). With an operating potential of +0.46 V Expand
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