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A combinatorial approach to planar non-colliding robot arm motion planning
  • I. Streinu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Proceedings 41st Annual Symposium on Foundations…
  • 12 November 2000
We propose a combinatorial approach to plan noncolliding motions for a polygonal bar-and-joint framework. Expand
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Pebble game algorithms and sparse graphs
A multi-graph $G$ on n vertices is $(k,l)$-sparse if every subset of $n'≤n$ vertices spans at most $kn'-l$ edges, $0 ≤l < 2k$ is tight if, in addition, it has exactly $kn - l$ edges. Expand
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Periodic frameworks and flexibility
  • C. Borcea, I. Streinu
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical…
  • 8 September 2010
We formulate a concise deformation theory for periodic bar-and-joint frameworks in Rd and illustrate our algebraic–geometric approach on frameworks related to various crystalline structures.Expand
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Expansive Motions and the Polytope of Pointed Pseudo-Triangulations
We introduce the polytope of pointed pseudo-triangulations of a point set in the plane, defined as the polytope of infinitesimal expansive motions of the points subject to certain constraints on theExpand
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On the number of embeddings of minimally rigid graphs
We study first the number of distinct planar embeddings of rigid graphs with n vertices. Expand
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KINARI-Web: a server for protein rigidity analysis
KINARI-Web is an interactive web server for performing rigidity analysis and visually exploring rigidity properties of proteins. Expand
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Illumination by floodlights
We consider three problems about the illumination of planar regions with floodlights of prescribed angles. Expand
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Pseudo-Triangulations - a Survey
A pseudo-triangle is a simple polygon with three convex vertices, and a pseudo-triangulation is a face-to-face tiling of a planar region into pseudo-triangles. Pseudo-triangulations appear as dataExpand
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Single-Vertex Origami and Spherical Expansive Motions
We prove that all single-vertex origami shapes are reachable from the open flat state via simple, non-crossing motions. Expand
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Slider-Pinning Rigidity: a Maxwell–Laman-Type Theorem
We define and study slider-pinning rigidity, giving a complete combinatorial characterization of planar sliderpinning in the general setting. Expand
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