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Routing with guaranteed delivery in ad hoc wireless networks
We consider routing problems in ad hoc wireless networks modeled as unit graphs in which nodes are points in the plane and two nodes can communicate if the distance between them is less than someExpand
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Power-Aware Localized Routing in Wireless Networks
A cost aware metric for wireless networks based on remaining battery power at nodes was proposed for shortest-cost routing algorithms, assuming constant transmission power. Power-aware metrics, whereExpand
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Design Guidelines for Maximizing Lifetime and Avoiding Energy Holes in Sensor Networks with Uniform Distribution and Uniform Reporting
This paper investigates theoretical aspects of the uneven energy depletion phenomenon recently noticed in sink-based wireless sensor networks. We consider uniformly distributed sensors, each sendingExpand
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Ad hoc Networking
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Dominating Sets and Neighbor Elimination-Based Broadcasting Algorithms in Wireless Networks
In a multihop wireless network, each node has a transmission radius and is able to send a message to all of its neighbors that are located within the radius. In a broadcasting task, a source nodeExpand
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Loop-Free Hybrid Single-Path/Flooding Routing Algorithms with Guaranteed Delivery for Wireless Networks
In a localized routing algorithm, each node makes forwarding decisions solely based on the position of itself, its neighbors, and its destination. In distance, progress, and direction-basedExpand
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Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
If you want to get Handbook of Internet Computing pdf eBook copy write by good Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing Google Books. Mobile Computing General. Handbook of Algorithms forExpand
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The Fog computing paradigm: Scenarios and security issues
Fog Computing is a paradigm that extends Cloud computing and services to the edge of the network. Similar to Cloud, Fog provides data, compute, storage, and application services to end-users. In thisExpand
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Handbook of Sensor Networks
Title Type handbook of sensor networks compact wireless and wired sensing systems PDF internet networks wired wireless and optical technologies devices circuits and systems PDF cooperative control ofExpand
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Position-based routing in ad hoc networks
The availability of small, inexpensive low-power GPS receivers and techniques for finding relative coordinates based on signal strengths, and the need for the design of power-efficient and scalableExpand
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