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Bone metabolism.
  • I. Stein
  • Medicine
  • The Surgical clinics of North America
  • 1953
Vagotomy and the hunger-producing action of insulin in man.
Results of bilateral ovarian wedge resection in 47 cases of sterility; 20 year end results; 75 cases of bilateral polycystic ovaries.
This report summarizes the results of wedge resection of bot,h ovaries in those patients in the group who complained primarily of sterility, and describes a syndrome characteristic of this lesion. Expand
Secretinase in blood serum.
Spinnbarkeit: a characteristic of cervical mucus; significance at ovulation time.
Artificial insemination will be most successful if performed when cervical secretions are profuse thin acellular and exhibiting maximal Spinnbarkeit, suggesting that the outpouring of cervical mucus is associated with impending ovulation. Expand
BILATERAL polycystic ovaries.
  • I. Stein
  • Medicine
  • British medical journal
  • 1 October 1945