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The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS)
Final published version including significant revisions. Twenty four pages, fourteen figures. Original version April 2006; final version published in MNRAS August 2007
A Redshift Survey of the Submillimeter Galaxy Population
We have obtained spectroscopic redshifts using the Keck I telescope for a sample of 73 submillimeter galaxies (SMGs), with a median 850 μm flux density of 5.7 mJy, for which precise positions areExpand
Evolution since Z = 0.5 of the morphology-density relation for clusters of galaxies
Using traditional morphological classifications of galaxies in 10 intermediate-redshift (z similar to 0.5) clusters observed with WFPC2 on the Hubble Space Telescope, we derive relations betweenExpand
A median redshift of 2.4 for galaxies bright at submillimetre wavelengths
Spectroscopic redshifts for ten submm galaxies that were identified using high-resolution radio observations are reported, suggesting a close relationship between the growth of massive black holes and luminous dusty galaxies in the present-day Universe. Expand
The Star Formation Histories of Galaxies in Distant Clusters
We present a detailed analysis of the spectroscopic catalog of galaxies in 10 distant clusters from Dressler et al. We investigate the nature of the different spectral classes defined by Dressler etExpand
We present source catalogs for the 4 Ms Chandra Deep Field-South (CDF-S), which is the deepest Chandra survey to date and covers an area of 464.5 arcmin2. We provide a main Chandra source catalog,Expand
SHARC-2 350 μm Observations of Distant Submillimeter-selected Galaxies
We present 350 μm observations of 15 Chapman et al. submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) with radio counterparts and optical redshifts. We detect 12 and obtain sensitive upper limits for three, providingExpand
A Spectroscopic catalog of 10 distant rich clusters of galaxies
We present spectroscopic observations of galaxies in the fields of 10 distant clusters for which we have previously presented deep imaging with WFPC2 on board the Hubble Space Telescope. The clustersExpand
An interferometric CO survey of luminous submillimetre galaxies
In this paper, we present results from an Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimetrique (IRAM) Plateau de Bure millimetre-wave Interferometer (PdBI) survey for carbon monoxide (CO) emission towardsExpand
Submillimeter Galaxies at z ~ 2: Evidence for Major Mergers and Constraints on Lifetimes, IMF, and CO-H2 Conversion Factor*
We report subarcsecond resolution IRAM PdBI millimeter CO interferometry of four z ~ 2 submillimeter galaxies (SMGs), and sensitive CO(3-2) flux limits toward three z ~ 2 UV/optically selectedExpand