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Bases in Banach Spaces II
Vol. II. Chapter III. Generalizations of the Notion of a Basis.- 0. Banach spaces which do not have the approximation property.- I. Countable Generalizations of Bases.- 1. Basic sequences. BibasicExpand
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Best Approximation in Normed Linear Spaces by Elements of Linear Subspaces
espace lineaire norme # espace metrique # meilleure approximation # sous-espace lineaire # sous-espace lineaire de dimension finie # sous-espace lineaire ferme de codimension finie # elementExpand
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Abstract Convex Analysis
Abstract Convexity of Elements of a Complete Lattice. Abstract Convexity of Subsets of a Set. Abstract Convexity of Functions on a Set. Abstract Quasi-Convexity of Functions on a Set. DualitiesExpand
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Topical and sub-topical functions, downward sets and abstract convexity
We study topical and sub-topical functions (i.e., functions which are increasing in the natural partial ordering of ℝn and additively homogeneous, respectively additively sub-homogeneous), andExpand
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High-order finite difference methods for the Helmholtz equation
High-order finite difference methods for solving the Helmholtz equation are developed and analyzed, in one and two dimensions on uniform grids. The standard pointwise representation has aExpand
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Constraint Qualifications for Semi-Infinite Systems of Convex Inequalities
We introduce and study the Abadie constraint qualification, the weak Pshenichnyi--Levin--Valadier property, and related constraint qualifications for semi-infinite systems of convex inequalities and linear inequalities. Expand
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We develop and analyze finite difference schemes for the two-dimensional Helmholtz equation. The schemes which are based on nine-point approximation have a sixth-order accurate local truncationExpand
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Best Approximation by Normal and Conormal Sets
The aim of the present paper is to develop a theory of best approximation by elements of so-called normal sets and their complements-conormal sets-in the non-negative orthant R^I"+ of aExpand
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Downward Sets and their separation and approximation properties
We develop a theory of downward subsets of the space ℝI, where I is a finite index set and T is an arbitrary index set, and we give some characterizations of best approximations by downward sets. Expand
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