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Manipulation of phospholipid composition of membranes with the aid of lipid exchange proteins. Incorporation of phosphatidylcholine into protoplasts of Micrococcus lysodeikticus.
It is concluded that phosphatidylcholine in incorporated predominantly into the outer part of cytoplasmic membrane and that proteinmediated transfer of phosphatide results in restoration of the permeability barrier due to repair of local defects in the initial protoplast membrane. Expand
Fragmentation by detergents of the respiratory chain of Micrococcus lysodeikticus membranes.
Abstract The respiratory chain of Micrococcus lysodeikticus membranes can be disrupted by detergents into two blocks, one of which contains malate and NADH dehydrogenases with cytochrome b 556 andExpand
[Lateral heterogeneity of bacterial membranes].
Isolated membranes of M. lysodeikticus were rapidly frozen and disrupted and the results obtained are indicative of lateral heterogeneity of the bacterial membrane and the existence of areas in the membrane having high concentration of the respiratory chain enzymes. Expand
[Structuro-functional properties of the bacteria Bacillus brevis in relation to the accumulation of gramicidin S in cells].
The specificity of action on the respiratory chain of peptide antibiotics synthesized by the cells of one strain of Bac. Expand
[Organization and chemical composition of the cell wall of gramicidin S-producing Bacillus brevis].
The morphology of cells and cell walls was studied in the Bacillus brevis G.-B. R form during its growth and gramicidin S accumulation in it. The membrane apparatus became more complicated andExpand
Ann Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho and Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey: A Comparison of the Two Novels
Cilem teto diplomove prace je ukazat prvky porodie gotickeho žanru v romanu Jane Austenove, v porovnani s praci Ann Radcliffove. Prvni cast diplomove prace je zaměřena na charakterizaci gotickehoExpand
[On plant nucleoproteins].
[The effect of nitrofurans on the membrane apparatus of coccal bacteria].
Secondary membrane effects on the membrane apparatus of coccus bacteria were being studied, and some cytological changes were revealed, when cells were grown on solafur, furazolidone, and furacriline. Expand