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Ionization-induced leaking-mode channeling of intense short laser pulses in gases
We demonstrate that short laser pulse self-guiding over distances of many Rayleigh lengths can be achieved in the absence of any focusing nonlinearity as a result of trapping of a leaking wave in aExpand
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Control of the magnetic state of arrays of ferromagnetic nanoparticles with the aid of the inhomogeneous field of a magnetic-force-microscope probe
The work presents a survey of the results of studies of the processes of magnetization reversal of ferromagnetic nanoparticles under the action of the field of a magnetic force microscope probe.
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Simulations of multipactor thresholds in shielded microstrip lines
A particular software 'MuSLi' has been developed and applied for simulations of the multipactor effect in shielded microstrip lines with cross-sections that are partially filled with dielectricExpand
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Vortex core states in superconducting graphene
The electronic structure of vortex states in superconducting graphene is studied within the Bogoliubov\char21{}de Gennes theory applied to excitations near the Dirac point. We consider the subgapExpand
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Summary of Research Activities on Microwave Discharge Phenomena involving Chalmers (Sweden), Institute of Applied Physics (Russia) and CNES (France)
New generation telecommunications satellites are designed to cater for constantly increasing number of users, asking for higher and higher bit rates, in the same frequency multiplex. The combinationExpand
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Coupling between elliptic screw polarization modes in single-mode optical waveguides with linear birefringence and regular twist of anisotropy axes in the presence of random axis twist
An analysis is made of single-mode fiber optical waveguides with linear birefringence and regular twist of anisotropy axes in the presence of random twist, which shows that, in this case, theExpand
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Microwave Breakdown in RF Devices Containing Sharp Corners
The present work reports on an analytical, numerical, and experimental analysis of the importance of electric field singularities around sharp corners for the determination of the breakdown strengthExpand
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A two-dimensional annular Josephson junction is considered in the framework of the s2 1 1dD sine-Gordon equation. By numerical simulations it has been found that once vortex velocity exceeds theExpand
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Radiation effects in near-field microwave diagnostics
Radiation effects in the near-field diagnostics of weakly absorbing dielectrics are studied theoretically and experimentally. Calculations are performed on the basis of the developed theory of theExpand
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Josephson Traveling-Wave Antennas
We propose a new approach to the problem of obtaining coherent radiation from systems with a great number of Josephson junctions, which is based on the concept of traveling-wave antennas. TheExpand
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