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Classification of respiratory signals by linear analysis
The aim of this study is the classification of wheeze and non-wheeze epochs within respiratory sound signals acquired from patients with asthma and COPD. Since a wheeze signal, having a sinusoidalExpand
Computerised respiratory sounds can differentiate smokers and non-smokers
Cigarette smoking is often associated with the development of several respiratory diseases however, if diagnosed early, the changes in the lung tissue caused by smoking may be reversible.Expand
A Multi-Channel Device for Respiratory Sound Data Acquisition and Transient Detection
  • I. Sen, Y. Kahya
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology 27th…
  • 2005
In this study, a multi-channel analog data acquisition and processing device with the additional feature of detecting adventitious sounds has been designed and implemented. Expand
A Comparison of SVM and GMM-Based Classifier Configurations for Diagnostic Classification of Pulmonary Sounds
The hierarchical framework is suggested for diagnostic classification of pulmonary sounds, although the algorithms are still open for further improvements. Expand
Using lung sounds in classification of pulmonary diseases according to respiratory subphases
Auscultation-based diagnosis of pulmonary disorders relies heavily on the presence of adventitious sounds and on the altered transmission characteristics of the chest wall. Expand
A lung sound classification system based on the rational dilation wavelet transform
In this work, a wavelet based classification system that aims to discriminate crackle, normal and wheeze lung sounds is presented. Expand
Exploring an optimal vector autoregressive model for multi-channel pulmonary sound data
The purpose of this study is to find a useful mathematical model for multi-channel pulmonary sound data. Expand
Feature extraction using time-frequency analysis for monophonic-polyphonic wheeze discrimination
We used two different methods for feature extraction to discriminate monophonic and polyphonic wheeze episodes. Expand
Computerized diagnosis of respiratory disorders. SVM based classification of VAR model parameters of respiratory sounds.
INTRODUCTION This article is part of the Focus Theme of Methods of Information in Medicine on "Biosignal Interpretation: Advanced METHODS for Studying Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems". Expand
Acoustic mapping of the lung based on source localization of adventitious respiratory sound components
The aim of this study is to devise a methodology to estimate and depict the source locations of respiratory adventitious sound components in the lungs, particularly crackles, associated with certain pulmonary diseases. Expand