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Neogene–Quaternary magmatism and geodynamics in the Carpathian–Pannonian region: a synthesis
In the Carpathian–Pannonian region in Neogene times, westward-dipping subduction in a land-locked basin caused collision of two lithospheric blocks (Alcapa and Tisia) with the southeastern border ofExpand
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K-Ar datings of Neogene-Quaternary calc-alkaline volcanic rocks in Romania
Neogene-Quaternary plate convergence-related calc-alkaline magmatic rocks from Romania have been dated using the K-Ar radiometric technique. The magmatic rocks occur in the East Carpathians and theExpand
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Geochronology of Neogene magmatism in the Carpathian arc and intra-Carpathian area
Neogene to Quaternary volcanism in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region was related to the youngest evolutionary stage of the Carpathian arc and the intra-Carpathian area, with subduction, extension andExpand
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The Cilimani-Gurghiu-Harghita volcanic chain, East Carpathians, Romania: volcanological features
Current volcanological knowledge of the Cilimani-Gurghiu-Harghita (CGH) volcanic chain, the southernmost segment of the Carpathian Neogene/Quaternary volcanic arc, is reviewed. The CGH arc isExpand
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Petrology and geochemistry of late Tertiary/Quaternary mafic alkaline volcanism in Romania
Abstract Alkaline volcanic activity occurred in the Persani Mountains (eastern Transylvanian Basin) and Banat (eastern Pannonian Basin) regions of Romania between 2.5 Ma and 0.7 Ma. This volcanismExpand
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Geochemistry and tectonic development of Cenozoic magmatism in the Carpathian–Pannonian region
This review considers the magmatic processes in the Carpathian–Pannonian Region (CPR) from Early Miocene to Recent times, as well as the contemporaneous magmatism at its southern boundary in theExpand
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Magmatic constraints on geodynamic models of subduction in the East Carpathians, Romania
Abstract The East Carpathian volcanic arc is the youngest region of calc-alkaline magmatic activity in Eastern Europe. A general age progression of the onset and cessation of magmatic activity occursExpand
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Ultramafic xenoliths in plio-pleistocene alkali basalts from the eastern transylvanian basin: Depleted mantle enriched by vein metasomatism
Ultramafic xenoliths from alkali basalts in the Per§ani Mountains in the Eastern Transylvanian Basin (ETB) of Romania are mainly spinel Iherzolites, although spinel harzburgites, websterites,Expand
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Tertiary-Quaternary subduction processes and related magmatism in the Alpine-Mediterranean region
Abstract During Tertiary to Quaternary times, convergence between Eurasia and Africa resulted in a variety of collisional orogens and different styles of subduction in the Alpine-MediterraneanExpand
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