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7 alpha-Biotinylated testosterone derivatives as tracers for a competitive chemiluminescence immunoassay of testosterone in serum.
The optimized steric structure and the long spacer arm of the biotinylated testosterone tracer make this chemiluminescence assay well-suited for measuring total testosterone concentration in serum, demonstrating the favorable specificity of the combination of a "nearly native" tracer with a position analog antibody.
Immunocytochemical localization of the sex hormone-binding globulin in a human hepatoma cell line.
These studies demonstrate that immunofluorescence techniques are able to detect sex hormone-binding globulin in human hepatoma cells.
6 alpha-biotinylated estrone: novel tracer in competitive chemiluminescence immunoassay of estrone in serum.
This enzyme immunoassay with biotin as the primary label and enhanced chemiluminescence signaling detection performs well for determining total estrone in serum and is readily adaptable to assays for other steroid hormones.
Modification and evaluation of Abuscreen OnLine assays for drug metabolites in urine performed on a COBAS FARA II in comparison with EMIT d.a.u. Cannabinoid 20.
Modified OnLine assays appear to be a convenient and cost-effective method for drug screening in urine for cannabinoids, barbiturates, opiates, and cocaine.
Synthesis of 17 beta-hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one-7 alpha-(biotinyl-6-N-hexylamide), a conjugate useful for affinity chromatography and for testosterone immunoassays.
The 7 alpha-biotinylated testosterone was used to obtain active antitestosterone antibodies from a specific antiserum by affinity chromatography and is an effective component for use in a competitive immunoassay for testosterone in human sera.