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Release of Ca2+ from a nonmitochondrial intracellular store in pancreatic acinar cells by inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate
It is reported here that micromolar concentrations of Ins1,4,5P3 release Ca2+ from a nonmitochondrial intracellular Ca2- store in pancreatic acinar cells, and the results strongly suggest that this is the same Ca1+ store that is released by acetylcholine. Expand
Intracellular localization and in vivo trafficking of p24A and p23.
New insights are given into the localization and trafficking behavior of the two COPI-binding proteins p24A and p23, which are predominantly colocalized in the Golgi area. Expand
Tmp21 and p24A, Two Type I Proteins Enriched in Pancreatic Microsomal Membranes, Are Members of a Protein Family Involved in Vesicular Trafficking*
Northern analysis of various tissues indicates that the Tmp21 proteins and the p24A protein are ubiquitously expressed, which leads us to conclude that the receptor-like TMP21 and p 24A are involved in vesicular targeting and protein transport. Expand
Dynein supports motility of endoplasmic reticulum in the fungus Ustilago maydis.
The results demonstrate a role of cytoplasmic dynein and microtubules in motility, but not peripheral localization of the ER in U. maydis. Expand
Depletion of Intracellular Calcium Stores Activates a Calcium Conducting Nonselective Cation Current in Mouse Pancreatic Acinar Cells*
It is concluded that in mouse pancreatic acinar cells 40-45 pS nonselective cation channels serve as a pathway for capacitative Ca2+ entry, which differs from the previously described ICRAC in its ion-selectivity, pharmacological profile, and single-channel conductance. Expand
Lumenal targeted GFP, used as a marker of soluble cargo, visualises rapid ERGIC to Golgi traffic by a tubulo-vesicular network.
A role for pre-Golgi vesicular tubular membranes in long distance anterograde transport of soluble cargo is suggested. Expand
Permeabilizing cells: some methods and applications for the study of intracellular processes.
  • I. Schulz
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Methods in enzymology
  • 1990
Since permeabilized cells are preparations intermediate between intact cells and isolated organelles, they offer great opportunities for the advancement of the understanding of the mechanisms involved in stimulus-response coupling. Expand
Direct interaction between ER membrane-bound PTP1B and its plasma membrane-anchored targets.
This study demonstrates direct interaction of PTP1B with the Ser/Thr kinase PKCdelta, the non-receptor tyrosine kinase Src and the insulin receptor which all are key enzymes in cellular signaling cascades. Expand
ATP regulates calcium leak from agonist‐sensitive internal calcium stores
It is shown here that the leak of Ca from internal stores is regulated specifically by the cytosolic ATP concentration, and appears to be independent of the Ca‐ATPase, the InsP3 receptor and the ryanodine receptor. Expand
Characterization of the C-terminal ER membrane anchor of PTP1B.
The membranes anchor of tyrosine phosphatase PTP1B is investigated by use of EGFP fusion proteins and it is demonstrated that the membrane anchor cannot be narrowed down to a unique amino acid sequence with a defined start and stop point but rather is moveable within several amino acids. Expand