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Chiropterophily in Sinningieae (Gesneriaceae): Sinningia brasiliensis and Paliavana prasinata are bat-pollinated, but P. sericiflora is not. Not yet?
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Based on the bell shape and greenish colour of the flowers, bat-pollination was suggested for some Sinningieae species (Gesneriaceae). Actually, there are no reports onExpand
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Espécies de Vanhouttea Lem. e Sinningia Nees (Gesneriaceae) polinizadas por beija-flores: interações relacionadas ao hábitat da planta e ao néctar
Com base nas caracteristicas florais tem sido inferida a polinizacao por beija-flores na maioria das especies de Sinningia e Vanhouttea, entretanto, informacoes detalhadas sobre a biologia daExpand
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Inter and intraspecific variation on reproductive phenology of the Brazilian Atlantic forest Rubiaceae: ecology and phylogenetic constraints.
The reproductive phenology of seven species of Rubiaceae from the Brazilian Atlantic rain forest was compared to evaluate the occurrence of phylogenetic constraints on flowering and fruitingExpand
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Non-Euglossine bees also function as pollinators of Sinningia species (Gesneriaceae) in southeastern brazil.
Pollination by male and female Euglossini bees, euglossophily, was suggested for a number of neotropical Gesneriaceae species. Information on bee species other than Euglossini as pollinators ofExpand
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Chromosome number in meiotic stage cells and pollen viability of Vanhouttea hilariana Chautems, Vanhouttea brueggeri Chautems and an interespecific hybrid (Gesneriaceae)
Vanhouttea (Gesneriaceae) es un genero de las montanas rocosas de Brasil. Dos species, Vanhouttea hilariana Chautems y Vanhouttea brueggeri Chautems, son muy similares, diferenciandose solo por laExpand
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Coleta Seletiva Solidária e Coleta Solidária e Reciclagem do Óleo de Cozinha Residual na Colônia Juliano Moreira
A coleta seletiva de residuos solidos e de oleo de cozinha residual nas comunidades da Colonia Juliano Moreira (CJM), Jacarepagua, RJ foi implantada partir de 2 projetos de cooperacao socialExpand
Número de cromosomas en las células meióticas y la viabilidad del polen de Vanhouttea hilariana Chautems, Vanhouttea brueggeri Chautems y un híbrido interespecífico (Gesneriaceae)
Vanhouttea (Gesneriaceae) is a genus from Brazilian rock mountains. Two species, Vanhouttea hilariana Chautems and Vanhouttea brueggeri Chautems, are very similar, differentiated just by the calyxExpand