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The First Direct Synthesis of Corroles from Pyrrole.
The solvent-free, catalyst-free condensation of pyrrole and aldehydes provides an extremely facile synthetic pathway to novel corroles [Eq. (1); Ar=C6 F5 , 2,6-F2 C6 H3 , 2,6-Cl2 C6 H3 ]. The productExpand
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Superoxide dismutase activity of corrole metal complexes.
The first report regarding SOD activity of metallocorroles, investigated via the combination of the cytochrome C assay, pulse radiolysis, and electrochemistry, is used for identifying the mainExpand
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Inhibition of green algae growth by corrole‐based photosensitizers
This study was performed to examine the potential of photodynamic inactivation for growth inhibition of green algae through generation of singlet oxygen.
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Selective substitution of corroles: nitration, hydroformylation, and chlorosulfonation.
This work demonstrates the feasibility and power of electrophilic substitution on the peripheral carbon atoms of triarylcorroles as a synthetic tool to new derivatives. The large difference in theExpand
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Porphine and pyrrole-substituted porphyrin from cyclocondensation of tripyrrane with mono-substituted pyrroles
The condensation of non-substituted tripyrrane with mono-substituted pyrroles did not lead to corrole, but to porphine and 5-pyrrolyl-porphyrin. Both compounds were fully characterized by aExpand
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One-step conversions of a simple corrole into chiral and amphiphilic derivatives
Abstract The reactions of phosgene with 5,10,15-tris(pentafluorophenyl)corrole and its gallium(III) complex lead to a novel chiral macrocycle and an amphiphilic corrole, respectively. Both types ofExpand
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Synthesis, spectroscopy, and structures of new rhodium(I) and rhodium(III) corroles and catalysis thereby
The syntheses and molecular structures of six- and five-coordinated rhodium(III) corroles (by pyridines and a chiral amine, respectively) and the rhodium(I) complex of a chiral corrole are described,Expand
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Microwave-assisted synthesis of non-substituted tripyrrane, tetrapyrrane and pentapyrrane
Abstract The microwave-assisted one-step condensation of aqueous formaldehyde with pyrrole was successfully applied for the preparation of non-substituted tri-, tetra- and pentapyrranes withExpand
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Cell-Penetrating Protein/Corrole Nanoparticles
Recent work has highlighted the potential of metallocorroles as versatile platforms for the development of drugs and imaging agents, since the bioavailability, physicochemical properties andExpand
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Maximizing Property Tuning of Phosphorus Corrole Photocatalysts through a Trifluoromethylation Approach.
An eight-member series of CF3-substituted difluorophosphorus corroles was prepared for establishing a structure-activity profile of these high-potential photosensitizers. It consisted of preparingExpand
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