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Subspecific Taxonomy of Francisella tularensis McCoy and Chapin 1912
In this note we examine the nomenclature and extend the descriptions of the subspecies of Francisella tularensis McCoy and Chapin that were proposed by Olsufjev and Meshcheryakova (J. Hyg. Epidemiol.Expand
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Infraspecific taxonomy of tularemia agent Francisella tularensis McCoy et Chapin.
The authors investigated 286 strains of the tularemia microbe isolated in a number of countries of the Old and the New World from humans, hares, rodents, ticks, water and other objects, including 217Expand
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Detection of enzootic territories and exploration of tularemia epizootics in different types of natural foci of this infection by serological examination of bird pellets and the excrements of beasts
Serological analysis (reaction of antibody neutralization) of pellets of birds and excrements of beasts of prey for the presence of tularemia microbe antigen is an efficient method of detection andExpand
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