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An autoradiographic study of the distribution of binding sites for the novel α7‐selective nicotinic radioligand [3H]‐methyllycaconitine in the mouse brain
The utility of [3H]‐MLA for characterization of α7‐type nicotinic receptors in mammalian brain, and suggests that it labels a population identical to that defined by [125I]‐α‐bungarotoxin, is demonstrated.
Nudicauline and elatine as potent norditerpenoid ligands at rat neuronal alpha-bungarotoxin binding sites: importance of the 2-(methylsuccinimido)benzoyl moiety for neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine
The range of norditerpenoids, other than MLA, which can be used to probe this important class of nAChR are extended and elatine and nudicauline are shown to be equipotent with, or better than, MLA in binding to brain [125I]-alpha BgTX binding sites.
Effect of spermine conjugation on the cytotoxicity and cellular transport of acridine.
Polyamines are believed to be potent vectors for the selective delivery of chemotherapeutic agents into cancer cells. In this paper, we report the effect of spermine conjugation on the cytotoxic and
Varying the Unsaturation in N4,N9-Dioctadecanoyl Spermines: Nonviral Lipopolyamine Vectors for More Efficient Plasmid DNA Formulation
The dienoic fatty acyl spermine conjugate N4,N9-dilinoleoyl spermines efficiently condenses DNA and achieves the highest transfection levels among the studied lipopolyamines in cultured cells.