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The role of riparian trees in maintaining riverbank stability: A review of Australian experience and practice
Abstract Riverside vegetation is a significant factor influencing the occurrence and progress of streambed and riverbank erosion. Recent riparian management practice in Australia has focussed onExpand
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Historical ENSO teleconnections in the eastern hemisphere
Examination of instrumental data collected over the last one hundred years or so shows that rainfall fluctuations in various parts of the eastern hemisphere are associated with the El Niño-SouthernExpand
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An analysis of the influence of riparian vegetation on the propagation of flood waves
This paper describes a modelling study that seeks to quantify the impact of riparian vegetation on both the shape of a flood hydrograph and the speed at which it propagates down a river reach. Expand
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Thinking outside the channel: Challenges and opportunities for protection and restoration of stream morphology in urbanizing catchments
Abstract Urbanization of catchments profoundly changes the morphology of streams by increasing stormwater runoff, altering sediment regimes, and limiting space for channel change. Management responseExpand
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Streamflow and Sediment Yield Prediction for Watershed Prioritization in the Upper Blue Nile River Basin, Ethiopia
Inappropriate use of land and poor ecosystem management have accelerated land degradation and reduced the storage capacity of reservoirs. To mitigate the effect of the increased sediment yield, it isExpand
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Corrigendum to: Large-scale patterns of erosion and sediment transport in river networks, with examples from Australia
This paper examines the patterns of sediment transport in rivers in terms of the sources of sediment and its transport and deposition through the river network. The analysis is in the context ofExpand
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Geographies of the Anthropocene
Introduction If humans have become a rival to Nature, then the epic nomenclature of the great forces – the eras, periods, and epochs of geological time – have finally been reconciled with the social,Expand
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The geomorphic and ecological effectiveness of habitat rehabilitation works: Continuous measurement of scour and fill around large logs in sand-bed streams
Abstract Geomorphologists, ecologists and engineers have all contributed to stream rehabilitation projects by predicting the physical effect of habitat restoration structures. In this study we reportExpand
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An experimental test of whether bar instability contributes to the formation, periodicity and maintenance of pool–riffle sequences
Pool–riffle sequences (PRSs) are periodic river-bed morphologies with wavelengths several times the channel width. Causes of PRS formation and maintenance are not clearly understood, which may limitExpand
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