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Aqueous V(V)-peroxo-amino acid chemistry. Synthesis, structural and spectroscopic characterization of unusual ternary dinuclear tetraperoxo vanadium(V)-glycine complexes.
The collective physicochemical properties of the two ternary species 1 and 2 project the chemical role of the low molecular mass biosubstrate glycine in binding V(V)-diperoxo units, thereby stabilizing a dinuclear V (V)-tetraperoxo dianion.
pH-specific synthetic chemistry and solution studies in the binary system of iron(III) with the alpha-hydroxycarboxylate substrate quinic acid: potential relevance to iron chemistry in plant fluids.
Solution speciation studies of the binary system unravel the aqueous species distribution as a function of pH and reagent molar ratio, and corroborate the EPR results proposing the existence of a neutral Fe(III)-quinate complex form.
Kallolide A acetate pyrazoline
In the crystal structure of kallolide A acetate pyrazoline, molecules are linked by weak C—H—H⋯O interactions, forming a two-dimensional network parallel to (001), and an intramolecular C-H⊯O hydrogen bond is also present.
Assessment of the clinical utility of pharmacogenetic guidance in a comprehensive medication management service
To the authors' knowledge, this is the first time that PGx‐driven recommendations have been incorporated into a Comprehensive Medication Management service in a Hispanic population.