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Clustering and Mapping Web Sites. For Displaying Implicit Associations and Visualizing Networks.
This paper describes the implementation of an association analysis method to process Web site data. Expand
An advanced diffusion model to identify emergent research issues: the case of optoelectronic devices
We show how emerging topics in the field of optoelectronic devices based on scientific literature data from the PASCAL-database can be identified. Expand
STANALYST: An integrated environment for clustering and mapping analysis on science and technology
Presentation of STANALYST which is used as Intranet form at INIST in the domain of scientific and technical information in order to: search a data corpus from a given database; accomplish the descriptive statistical analysis of data; apply terminological recognition and extraction (in French and English) from titles and abstracts; detect in data their organizaton by themes using hierarchical and non hierarchical clustering procedures. Expand
Identification and characterisation of technological topics in the field of Molecular Biology
This paper focuses on methodological approaches for characterising specific topics within a technological field based on scientific literature data as used in the framework of the PromTech project. Expand
A concept for inferring ‘frontier research’ in grant proposals
This paper discusses a concept for inferring attributes of ‘frontier research’ in peer-reviewed research proposals under the popular scheme of the European Research Council (ERC). Expand
Exploring the bibliometric and semantic nature of negative results
Negative results are not popular to disseminate. However, their publication would help to save resources and foster scientific communication. This study analysed the bibliometric and semantic natureExpand
User science indicators in the Web context and co-usage analysis
We present a computer-based system, called Miri@d, which produces descriptive statistical information about Web users' searching behaviour, and what is effectively used from a free-access digital bibliographical database. Expand
Detecting domain dynamics: Association Rule Extraction and diachronic clustering techniques in support of expertise
An assisted diachronic analysis of clustering results decreasing the load of the expertise phase.Identifying the evolution trends of a scientific domain . Expand
Bibliometric analysis of the secondary literature on publication bias
Many scientific studies produce negative or inconclusive results that remain unpublished. Over the last years there has been an intensified discussion within the scientific community that theExpand