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The interplay of glutathione-related processes in antioxidant defense.
This review summarizes current knowledge on glutathione (GSH) associated cellular processes that play a central role in defense against oxidative stress. GSH itself is a critical factor inExpand
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The pro-oxidant chemistry of the natural antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and flavonoids.
Natural antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, and polyphenols like flavonoids, are at present generally considered to be beneficial components from fruit and vegetables. TheExpand
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The potential health effects of dietary phytoestrogens
Phytoestrogens are plant‐derived dietary compounds with structural similarity to 17‐β‐oestradiol (E2), the primary female sex hormone. This structural similarity to E2 enables phytoestrogens to causeExpand
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Behaviour of silver nanoparticles and silver ions in an in vitro human gastrointestinal digestion model
Abstract Oral ingestion is an important exposure route for silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), but their fate during gastrointestinal digestion is unknown. This was studied for 60 nm AgNPs and silver ionsExpand
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Degradation of 3,4‐Dichloro‐ and 3,4‐Difluoroaniline by Pseudomonas fluorescens 26‐K
3,4‐Dichloro‐ and 3,4‐difluoroanilines were degraded by Pseudomonas fluorescens 26‐K under aerobic conditions. In the presence of glucose strain degraded 170 mg/L of 3,4‐dichloroaniline (3,4‐DCA)Expand
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Structure-activity study on the quinone/quinone methide chemistry of flavonoids.
A structure-activity study on the quinone/quinone methide chemistry of a series of 3',4'-dihydroxyflavonoids was performed. Using the glutathione trapping method followed by HPLC, (1)H NMR,Expand
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Regioselectivity and reversibility of the glutathione conjugation of quercetin quinone methide.
The chemical reactivity, isomerization, and glutathione conjugation of quercetin o-quinone were investigated. Tyrosinase was used to generate the unstable quercetin o-quinone derivative which couldExpand
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Estrogenic potency of food-packaging-associated plasticizers and antioxidants as detected in ERalpha and ERbeta reporter gene cell lines.
This study presents the estrogenic potency of 21 food-packaging-associated compounds determined for the first time, using two transfected U2-OS (human osteoblasts devoid of endogenous estrogenExpand
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The influence of pH on antioxidant properties and the mechanism of antioxidant action of hydroxyflavones.
The effect of the pH on antioxidant properties of a series of hydroxyflavones was investigated. The pKa of the individual hydroxyl moieties in the hydroxyflavones was compared to computer-calculatedExpand
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pH-Dependent radical scavenging capacity of green tea catechins.
The effect of pH on the radical scavenging capacity of green tea catechins was investigated using experimental as well as theoretical methods. It was shown that the radical scavenging capacity of theExpand
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