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Acid mine drainage pollution in the Tinto and Odiel rivers (Iberian Pyrite Belt, SW Spain) and bioavailability of the transported metals to the Huelva Estuary.
The Tinto and Odiel rivers are seriously affected by acid mine drainage (AMD) from the long-term mining activities in Iberian Pyrite Belt (IPB). As a consequence, the Huelva estuary is heavilyExpand
Chemical and ecotoxicological guidelines for managing disposal of dredged material
Abstract Different conventions around the world have produced guidelines for the disposal of dredged material (e.g., London Convention 1972 (LC) ( www.Londonconvention.org ); Oslo/Paris ConventionExpand
Sediment quality in the Atlantic coast of Spain.
Sediments from the Atlantic coast of Spain have been studied to evaluate environmental quality by using an integrated approach including chemical and toxicological data. Sediment samples wereExpand
Assessment of metal contamination, bioavailability, toxicity and bioaccumulation in extreme metallic environments (Iberian Pyrite Belt) using Corbicula fluminea.
The Iberian Pyrite Belt (SW Iberian Peninsula) has intense mining activity. Currently, its fluvial networks receive extremely acid lixiviate residue discharges that are rich in sulphates and metalsExpand
Development of site-specific sediment quality guidelines for North and South Atlantic littoral zones: comparison against national and international sediment quality benchmarks.
We aimed to develop site-specific sediment quality guidelines (SQGs) for two estuarine and port zones in Southeastern Brazil (Santos Estuarine System and Paranaguá Estuarine System) and three inExpand
Sediment quality in the Guadalquivir estuary: lethal effects associated with the Aznalcóllar mining spill.
Monitoring from 1998 to 2001 has assessed the impact of the Aznalcóllar mining spill on the sediment quality in the Guadalquivir estuary. Chemical analysis has been completed with biological effectsExpand
Lethal effects on different marine organisms, associated with sediment–seawater acidification deriving from CO2 leakage
CO2 leakages during carbon capture and storage in sub-seabed geological structures could produce potential impacts on the marine environment. To study lethal effects on marine organisms attributableExpand
Comparative sediment quality assessment in different littoral ecosystems from Spain (Gulf of Cadiz) and Brazil (Santos and São Vicente estuarine system).
The goal of this work was to establish comparisons among environmental degradation in different areas from Southern Spain (Gulf of Cádiz) and Brazil (Santos and São Vicente estuary), by usingExpand
Heavy metal bioavailability and effects: I. Bioaccumulation caused by mining activities in the Gulf of Cádiz (SW, Spain).
The bioaccumulation of six metals (Fe, Mn, Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu) was studied as part of the monitoring of the Aznalcóllar mining spill (April 1998) on the Guadalquivir estuary and in other estuariesExpand
Sediment contamination, bioavailability and toxicity of sediments affected by an acute oil spill: Four years after the sinking of the tanker Prestige (2002).
Sediment contamination and three bioassays were used to determine the sediment quality four years after an oil spill (Prestige, 2002): the Microtox test, a 10-day bioassay using the amphipodExpand