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Extraction process modification to enhance properties of skin gelatin of pangas catfish (Pangasius pangasius).
This study was aimed at studying the effect of preliminary treatment variations on the pangas catfish (Pangasius pangasius) skin gelatin, particularly the gel strength. The preliminary treatmentExpand
Extraction and characterization of gelatin from different fresh water fishes as alternative sources of gelatin.
Gelatins from the skin of four different species of fresh water fish, namely pangas catfish, Asian redtail catfish (Hemibagrus nemurus), striped snakehead, and Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) have been successfully extracted by citric acid. Expand
Immunostimulant activities of yellow root (Arcangelisia flava Merr.) extract on Edwardsiella tarda infection
Edwardsiella tarda is edwardsiellosis-causing bacterium that infects freshwater and marine cultured fishes. One of the safe alternatives to prevent E. tarda infection in fish, human, and environmentExpand
Physico-chemical characterization and skin gelatin rheology of four freshwater fish as alternative gelatin source
This study aimed to assess the characteristics of skin gelatin of different freshwater fish. The subjected species was snakehead murrel (Channa striata), pangas catfish (Pangasius pangasius), walkingExpand