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Influence of alkali treatment and fibre length on mechanical properties of short Agave fibre reinforced epoxy composites
Abstract Composites based on short Agave fibres (untreated and alkali treated) reinforced epoxy resin using three different fibre lengths (3 mm, 7 mm and 10 mm length) are prepared by using hand layExpand
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Wear behaviour of A356/25SiCp aluminium matrix composites sliding against automobile friction material
Abstract In the present paper, the wear behaviour of aluminium metal matrix composite (Al MMC) sliding against automobile friction material has been compared with the conventional grey cast iron. TheExpand
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Optimal design of a composite leaf spring using genetic algorithms
Abstract A formulation and solution technique using genetic algorithms (GA) for design optimization of composite leaf springs is presented here. The suspension system in an automobile significantlyExpand
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The mechanical properties, deformation and thermomechanical properties of alkali treated and untreated Agave continuous fibre reinforced epoxy composites
Abstract The mechanical properties such as tensile, compressive, flexural, impact strength and water absorption of the alkali treated continuous Agave fibre reinforced epoxy composite (TCEC) andExpand
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Simulated annealing approach to the optimal design of automotive suspension systems
This paper presents an approach for the design optimisation of suspension springs, such as coil springs, torsion bar springs, steel leaf springs and composite leaf springs, using a SimulatedExpand
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Optimization of machining parameters using genetic algorithm and experimental validation for end-milling operations
Optimization of cutting parameters is valuable in terms of providing high precision and efficient machining. Optimization of machining parameters for milling is an important step to minimize theExpand
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Investigation on Physio-chemical and Mechanical Properties of Raw and Alkali-treated Agave americana Fiber
This paper aims at introducing new natural fibers for use as fillers in a polymeric matrix enabling production of cost-effective, biodegradable, and lightweight composites for load carryingExpand
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Optimization of Deep Cryogenic Treatment to Reduce Wear Loss of 4140 Steel
Deep cryogenic treatment has had a dramatic effect on the development of wear resistance of steel components. It is a supplement process to the conventional heat treatment process of steels. In thisExpand
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Characterization of untreated and alkali treated new cellulosic fiber from an Areca palm leaf stalk as potential reinforcement in polymer composites.
Abstract The research article addresses, a new natural fibers namely Areca Palm Leaf Stalk Fibers (APLSF) were extracted from an Areca palm tree (Dypsis lutescens) and subjected to variousExpand
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Influence of shallow and deep cryogenic treatment on the residual state of stress of 4140 steel
Abstract The present research work studies the effect of cryogenic treatment on the residual stress state in 4140 steel. Two kinds of cryogenic treatment, namely shallow (SCT, −80 °C × 5 h) and deepExpand
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