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VCD to determine absolute configuration of natural product molecules: secolignans from Peperomia blanda.
The absolute configuration and solution-state conformers of three peperomin-type secolignans isolated from Peperomia blanda (Piperaceae) are unambiguously determined by using vibrational circularExpand
Stereoselective synthesis of 8,9-licarinediols
Abstract The total synthesis of 8,9-licarinediols was selectively carried out from licarin A, previously obtained by oxidative coupling of (E)-isoeugenol. The corresponding enantiomerically pure (+)-Expand
Eichhornia crassipes: an advantageous source of shikimic acid
Semi-quantitative analyses of the plant extracts by HPLC-PDA showed that the aerial parts of E. crassipes contain higher shikimic acid concentration than the roots, and that methanol is a better solvent than water for shikIMic acid extraction. Expand
Diterpene esters of aristolochic acids from Aristolochia pubescens.
From the acetone and ethanol extracts of the tubercula of Aristolochia pubescens, two diterpene esters of aristolochic acids were isolated and the structures of the compounds were determined on the basis of spectroscopic analysis. Expand
Aporphine and bisaporphine alkaloids from Aristolochia lagesiana var. intermedia.
Lagesianines B and C are the first examples of N-CH(2)-N' and C-2-O-C-1' linked dimeric aporphine alkaloids, respectively, while the monomeric units of lagesianine D, which has a carbon skeleton, are linked through an ethane-1,2-diol group. Expand
2,3-Dihydrobenzofuran neolignans from Aristolochia pubescens
Abstract From a hexane extract of stems and roots of Aristolochia pubescens , the new neolignans (2 S ,3 S ,1′ R ,2′ R )- and (2 S ,3 S ,1′ S ,2′ RExpand
Biosynthesis of antimalarial lignans from Holostylis reniformis.
Regiospecific control over propenylphenol-derived lignan biosynthesis was observed, together with diastereoselective control of C2-C7' bond formation for the aryltetralone lignans (7'R). Expand
Configurational analysis of cubebins and bicubebin from Aristolochia lagesiana and Aristolochia pubescens.
Their structures were determined by spectroscopic methods, including 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy at low temperatures, and by chemical transformations. Expand
Insecticidal activity of chemical constituents from Aristolochia pubescens against Anticarsia gemmatalis larvae.
Acetone and ethanol extracts of the tubercula and several compounds isolated from Aristolochia pubescens (Willd) were bioassayed on velvetbean caterpillars, Anticarsia gemmatalis (Hübner), forExpand
Structure and absolute configuration of a secolignan from Peperomia blanda
A secolignan, (−)-2-methyl-3-[bis(3′,4′-methylenedioxy-5′-methoxyphenyl) methyl]butyrolactone (1), with a rare cis configuration was isolated from the aerial parts of Peperomia blanda (Piperaceae).Expand