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Les lois du chaos
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Biologie et thermodynamique des phénomènes irréversibles
The thermodynamic study of systems in which stationary (non equilibrium) states were possible, led one of us (I. P.) to a number of general conclusions. In the present paper these conclusions areExpand
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Structure , stabilité et fluctuations
Keywords: Thermodynamique ; Physique Reference Record created on 2004-09-07, modified on 2016-08-08
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Sur La Perturbation De La Distribution De Maxwell Par Des Réactions Chimiques En Phase Gazeuse
Abstract This paper is the second of a series devoted to the extension of ChapmanEnskog's method to inelastic collisions1). This note is mainly concerned with the study of the influence of the heatExpand
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La thermodynamique de la vie
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Sur les propriétés différentielles de la production d'entropie
Synopsis The time variation of the entropy production (per unit volume and unit time) is split into two parts. The first is related to the changes of the generalized forces with time and the secondExpand
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Le domaine de validit? de la thermodynamique des ph?nom?nes irr?versibles
Abstract The extension of thermodynamic methods to irreversible processes which has been performed with a high degree of success by several authors, is based on the validity of the fondamental GibbsExpand
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