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3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice
Foreword. Preface. I. FOUNDATIONS OF 3D USER INTERFACES . 1. Introduction to 3D User Interfaces. What Are 3D User Interfaces? Why 3D User Interfaces? Terminology. Application Areas. Conclusion. 2. 3DExpand
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The go-go interaction technique: non-linear mapping for direct manipulation in VR
The Go-Go immersive interaction technique uses the metaphor of interactively growing the user’s arm and non-linear mapping for reaching and manipulating distant objects. Unlike others, our techniqueExpand
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TeslaTouch: electrovibration for touch surfaces
We present a new technology for enhancing touch interfaces with tactile feedback. The proposed technology is based on the electrovibration principle, does not use any moving parts and provides a wideExpand
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Virtual object manipulation on a table-top AR environment
We address the problems of virtual object interaction and user tracking in a table-top augmented reality (AR) interface. In this setting there is a need for very accurate tracking and registrationExpand
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The MagicBook - Moving Seamlessly between Reality and Virtuality
The MagicBook project is an early attempt to explore how we can use a physical object to smoothly transport users between reality and virtuality. Young children often fantasize about flying into theExpand
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Soli: ubiquitous gesture sensing with millimeter wave radar
This paper presents Soli, a new, robust, high-resolution, low-power, miniature gesture sensing technology for human-computer interaction based on millimeter-wave radar. We describe a new approach toExpand
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Ambient touch: designing tactile interfaces for handheld devices
This paper investigates the sense of touch as a channel for communicating with miniature handheld devices. We embedded a PDA with a TouchEngineTM --- a thin, miniature lower-power tactile actuatorExpand
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Tactile brush: drawing on skin with a tactile grid display
Tactile Brush is an algorithm that produces smooth, two-dimensional tactile moving strokes with varying frequency, intensity, velocity and direction of motion. The design of the algorithm is derivedExpand
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Egocentric Object Manipulation in Virtual Environments: Empirical Evaluation of Interaction Techniques
The acceptance of virtual environment (VE) technology requires scrupulous optimization of the most basic interactions in order to maximize user performance and provide efficient and enjoyable virtualExpand
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The MagicBook: a transitional AR interface
Abstract The MagicBook is a Mixed Reality interface that uses a real book to seamlessly transport users between Reality and Virtuality. A vision-based tracking method is used to overlay virtualExpand
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