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Transport Phenomena in Porous Media
Keywords: transport: : : ; matieres: poreuses: : : ; chaleur: transfert de: : : ; masse: transfert de: : : Reference Record created on 2004-09-07, modified on 2016-08-08
Convective Heat Transfer: Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Viscous Fluids and Porous Media
Chapter Headings. I Convective flows: viscous fluids. Free convection boundary-layer over a vertical flat plate. Mixed convection boundary-layer flow along a vertical flat plate. Free and mixedExpand
Free convection in a square porous cavity using a thermal nonequilibrium model
Abstract Two-dimensional steady free convection in a square cavity bounded by isothermal vertical walls at different temperatures and adiabatic horizontal walls has been studied numerically byExpand
Mixed convection boundary layer flow from a vertical flat plate embedded in a porous medium filled with nanofluids
Abstract The steady mixed convection boundary layer flow past a vertical flat plate embedded in a porous medium filled with nanofluids is studied using different types of nanoparticles as CuExpand
Conjugate free convection on a vertical surface
Abstract It is shown that the equations governing the conjugate free convection boundary-layer flow on a vertical plate can be made dimensionless so as to involve only the Prandtl number. AnExpand
Free convection in oblique enclosures filled with a porous medium
Abstract Detailed numerical calculations are presented in this paper for the steady-state free convection within an inclined cavity filled with a fluid-saturated porous medium. The inclined walls areExpand
Similiarity solutions for the unsteady boundary layer flow and heat transfer due to a stretching sheet
A similarity analysis is presented to investigate the unsteady boundary layers over a stretching sheet for special distributions of the stretching velocity and surface temperature or surface heatExpand
Blasius and Sakiadis problems in nanofluids
The classical problems of forced convection boundary layer flow and heat transfer past a semi-infinite static flat plate (Blasius problem) and past a moving semi-infinite flat plate (SakiadisExpand
Heat transfer over an unsteady stretching permeable surface with prescribed wall temperature
The unsteady laminar boundary layer flow over a continuously stretching permeable surface is investigated. The unsteadiness in the flow and temperature fields is caused by the time-dependence of theExpand
Unsteady MHD free convection flow past a vertical permeable flat plate in a rotating frame of reference with constant heat source in a nanofluid
The unsteady magnetohydrodynamic flow of a nanofluid past an oscillatory moving vertical permeable semi-infinite flat plate with constant heat source in a rotating frame of reference is theoreticallyExpand