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Effect of once daily milking and concurrent somatotropin on mammary tight junction permeability and yield of cows.
Six pairs of monozygous Friesian twin cows during late lactation were used to assess the effect of once daily milking and bST treatment on yields and tight junction permeability of mammary epithelialExpand
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Rumen-protected choline administration to transition cows: effects on milk production and vitamin E status.
We investigated the influence of rumen-protected choline (RPC) supplementation on milk production, lipid metabolism and vitamin E status in dairy cows receiving a silage-based diet. Twenty-sixExpand
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Language-based multimodal displays for the handover of control in autonomous cars
This paper presents a first evaluation of multimodal language-based warnings for handovers of control in autonomous cars. Expand
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Plasminogen activator system: implications for mammary cell growth and involution.
  • I. Politis
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of dairy science
  • 1 June 1996
Several tissue remodeling events that require extracellular proteolysis are thought to be mediated by plasminogen activators that convert the inactive proenzyme plasminogen to active plasmin. TheExpand
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Reevaluation of vitamin E supplementation of dairy cows: bioavailability, animal health and milk quality.
  • I. Politis
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Animal : an international journal of animal…
  • 1 September 2012
Although vitamin E has been known as an essential nutrient for almost 80 years, we are far from a complete understanding of all the aspects related to bioavailability and its effects on health andExpand
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Plasmin and plasminogen in bovine milk: a relationship with involution?
A total of 774 individual milk samples were collected from 66 Holstein cows between October 1987 and April 1988. Samples were analyzed for plasmin, plasminogen, and SCC. An increase in SCC from lessExpand
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Environmental factors affecting plasmin activity in milk.
A total of 367 milk samples were collected from 43 individual Holstein cows during 1 yr. Samples were analyzed for plasmin activity, total casein, alpha s-casein (alpha s1-casein + alpha s2-casein),Expand
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Evaluating multimodal driver displays under varying situational urgency
This paper describes an experiment evaluating all multimodal combinations of such warnings under two contexts of situational urgency to assess their effectiveness both in the presence and absence of critical driving events. Expand
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Effects of vitamin E on immune function of dairy cows.
The effect of vitamin E supplementation on the immune function of dairy cows was studied. Twelve cows were assigned to 1 of the 2 experimental groups: control (no vitamin E supplementation), andExpand
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Effect of milking frequency and somatotropin on the activity of plasminogen activator, plasminogen, and plasmin in bovine milk.
Six pairs of identical twin cows during late lactation (213 d) were used to study the effect of milking frequency (twice vs. once daily) and bST during once daily milking on the activity ofExpand
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