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Wear resistance of two-phase titanium alloy after deformation-diffusion treatment
Abstract The influence of deformation-diffusion treatment including a combination of the previous cold surface plastic deformation (ball burnishing) and subsequent thermochemical treatmentExpand
Laws of Formation of Oxycarbide Layers on Titanium in Carbon- and Oxygen-Containing Media
We established the laws of changes in the phase composition of surface layers in the course of saturation of titanium from graphite in static argon atmosphere and dynamic vacuum (1.3–133.3 Pa) atExpand
Wear Resistance of VT22 Titanium Alloy After Nitriding Combined with Heat Treatment
We study the influence of the modes of nitriding combined with standard heat treatment on the wear resistance of VT22 titanium alloy. It is shown that the saturation of nitrogen at a temperature ofExpand
Thermodiffusion saturation of α-titanium with nitrogen from a rarefied atmosphere
We investigate experimentally and analytically the kinetics of diffusion saturation of α-titanium with nitrogen from a rarefied atmosphere (1 Pa) in the temperature range 750–850°C. The influences ofExpand
Ways of intensification of thermodiffusive saturation of titanium alloys in molecular nitrogen
We analyze the results of using the partial pressure of nitrogen, thermokinetic parameters of saturation, elements of vacuum technology (vacuum annealing, heating in vacuum), and the initialExpand
Regularities of Thermal Diffusion Saturation with Nitrogen Combined with Standard Heat Treatment of VT22 Titanium Alloy
We establish the regularities of the thermal diffusion saturation of VT22 two-phase titanium alloy with nitrogen combined with standard heat treatment. The kinetic specific features of the nitridingExpand
Kinetic features of the process of nitriding of (α + β) -titanium alloys
The kinetic features of nitriding of (α + β) -titanium alloys caused by their phase-structural state and the surface phenomena are investigated both analytically and experimentally. The influence ofExpand
Selection of a Medium for the Carbooxidation of Titanium Alloys
We investigated the carbonization of titanium α-pseudo-α and (α + β)-alloys from different saturating media at 1000°C (5 h) and a fixed charge. Depending on the medium, hardened layers with differentExpand
Influence of parameters of modifying oxygen-containing atmosphere on oxynitriding of titanium alloys
We study the influence of the parameters of modifying oxygen-containing atmosphere (the degree of rarefaction, temperature and time of modification) on the oxynitriding of titanium alloys. It isExpand
Influence of the Phase-Structural State of the Surface Layers on the Mechanical Properties of VT1-0 Titanium Alloy
We study the influence of various functional (oxide, nitride, carbonitride, and carboxide) coatings with similar morphologies and sizes formed by the thermodiffusion saturation on the mechanicalExpand