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Bridging the Gap between Social Animal and Unsocial Machine: A Survey of Social Signal Processing
Social Signal Processing is the research domain aimed at bridging the social intelligence gap between humans and machines. This paper is the first survey of the domain that jointly considers itsExpand
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From Greta's mind to her face: modelling the dynamics of affective states in a conversational embodied agent
This paper describes the results of a research project aimed at implementing a 'realistic' 3D Embodied Agent that can be animated in real-time and is 'believable and expressive': that is, able toExpand
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The paper argues that in order to provide a taxonomy of the meanings in any communication system it is useful to distinguish two classes of meanings: Information on the World (the concrete orExpand
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APML, a Markup Language for Believable Behavior Generation
Developing an embodied conversational agent able to exhibit a humanlike behavior while communicating with other virtual or human agents requires enriching the dialogue of the agent with non-verbalExpand
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Gestures in performance
We experience and understand the world, including music, through body movement–when we hear something, we are able to make sense of it by relating it to our body movements, or form an image in ourExpand
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Subtleties of facial expressions in embodied agents
Our goal is to develop a believable embodied agent able to dialogue with a user. In particular, we aim at making an agent that can also combine facial expressions in a complex and subtle way, justExpand
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A Model of Attention and Interest Using Gaze Behavior
One of the major problems of user's interaction with Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) is to have the conversation last more than few second: after being amused and intrigued by the ECAs, usersExpand
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Performative facial expressions in animated faces
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