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Rethinking the Reserves: Southern Rhodesia's Land Husbandry Act Reviewed
As new archival evidence becomes available, so the history of the 1950s is likely to be the subject of major revision. By reviewing existing studies of one of this period's key features, notably the
Mugabe, Mbeki & the politics of anti-imperialism
There can be little doubt that one of the most significant aspects of the current crisis in Zimbabwe, especially the events of the past two or three years, has been its international character. At
White miners in historical perspective: Southern Rhodesia, 1890–1953
White workers in the Southern Rhodesian mining industry between 1890 and 1953 normally constituted only some four per cent of the total labour force, yet they virtually monopolized, at comparatively
Discourse and the discipline of historical context: conservationism and ideas about development in Southern Rhodesia 1930–1950
William Beinart's recent study of soil erosion, conservationism and ideas about development in southern Africa argues that the 'set of ideas and prescriptions associated with conservationist
Commodity relations and class formation in the Zimbabwean countryside, 1898–1920
By disaggregating the peasantry, this article seeks to explain the variety of experience uncovered by previous local studies of the Zimbabwean countryside. A combination of those pockets of
Rhodes, Rhodesia and the Rand
Ancient' mining near Great Zimbabwe
In proposing reasons for the geographical location of Great Zimbabwe, the paper re-examines the popular assumption that Zimbabwe is comparatively remote from the known areas of 'ancient' gold-mining.