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We show that the boundary state description of a Dp-brane is strictly related to the corresponding classical solution of the low-energy string effective action. By projecting the boundary state onExpand
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Microscopic string analysis of the D0-D8 brane system and dual R-R states ∗
Abstract Using the boundary state formalism, we perform a microscopic string analysis of the interaction between two D-branes and provide a local interpretation for the R-R force in the D0–D8 braneExpand
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Classical gauge instantons from open strings
We study the D3/D(-1) brane system and show how to compute instanton corrections to correlation functions of gauge theories in four dimensions using open string techniques. In particular we show thatExpand
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Boundary states for GS superstrings in an Hpp wave background
We construct the boundary states preserving half the global supersymmetries in string theory propagating on a Hpp background.
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Deformed $ \mathcal{N}=2 $ theories, generalized recursion relations and S-duality
A bstractWe study the non-perturbative properties of $ \mathcal{N}=2 $ super conformal field theories in four dimensions using localization techniques. In particular we consider SU(2) gauge theories,Expand
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Exotic instanton counting and heterotic/type I′ duality
We compute the partition function for the exotic instanton system corresponding to D-instantons on D7 branes in Type I' theory. We exploit the BRST structure of the moduli action and its deformationExpand
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Fractional D-branes and their gauge duals
We study the classical geometry associated to fractional D3-branes of type IIB string theory on 42 which provide the gravitational dual for = 2 super Yang-Mills theory in four dimensions. As one canExpand
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N=1/2 gauge theory and its instanton moduli space from open strings in R-R background
We derive the four dimensional N=1/2 super Yang-Mills theory from tree-level computations in RNS open string theory with insertions of closed string Ramond-Ramond vertices. We also study instantonExpand
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On the quantization of the GS type IIB superstring action on AdS(3) x S(3) with NSNS flux.
We quantize the type IIB string action on AdS3⊗S3 with pure NSNS background and show that it is equivalent to Liouville with periodic boundary condition plus free fermions.
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Evolutionary Rewiring of Human Regulatory Networks by Waves of Genome Expansion.
Genome expansion is believed to be an important driver of the evolution of gene regulation. To investigate the role of a newly arising sequence in rewiring regulatory networks, we estimated the ageExpand
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