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Stenting or stoma creation for patients with inoperable malignant colonic obstructions? Results of a study and cost-effectiveness analysis
Background: The aim of the present study was to compare the efficacy, safety, and cost of endoscopic palliative treatment with selfexpanding metallic stents with that of stoma creation in theExpand
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Technical design of the phase I Mu3e experiment
The Mu3e experiment aims to find or exclude the lepton flavour violating decay μ → eee at branching fractions above 10−16. A first phase of the experiment using an existing beamline at the PaulExpand
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Scintigraphic detection of carcinoid tumors with a cost effectiveness analysis.
AIM To evaluate the diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy and the cost-effectiveness of this technique in the detection of gastroenteropancreatic carcinoid tumors and their metastases in comparisonExpand
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Natural soundscapes and identification of environmental sounds: A pattern recognition approach
“Soundscapes” are maps that depict the sound content of an area at a time interval. Sound features encapsulate information which can be combined with the visual features of a landscape, in order toExpand
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Combination of magnitude and phase statistical features for audio classification
The increasing demand for the retrieval and classification of audio utterances from multimedia databases, gives rise to the need for the implementation of effective feature extraction techniques.Expand
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Hartley transform and the use of the Whitened Hartley spectrum as a tool for phase spectral processing
The Hartley transform is a mathematical transformation which is closely related to the better known Fourier transform. The properties that differentiate the Hartley Transform from its FourierExpand
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Magnetically separable, carbon-supported nanocatalysts for the manufacture of fine chemicals.
The best of both worlds: The synthesis of carbon-encapsulated iron-based magnetic nanoparticles is described. With such small catalysts that have macroscopic magnetic properties, the advantages ofExpand
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Natural course of inoperable esophageal cancer treated with metallic expandable stents: Quality of life and cost‐effectiveness analysis
Background and Aim:  The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of endoscopic therapy with self‐expanding metallic endoprostheses in the management of malignant esophagealExpand
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The Hartley Phase Cepstrum as a Tool for Signal Analysis
This paper proposes the use of the Hartley Phase Cepstrum as a tool for speech signal analysis. The phase of a signal conveys critical information, which is exploited in a variety of applications.Expand
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