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The Collected Letters of Robert Southey
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Government and Party
Any enthusiastic Liberal, or indeed anyone with more than a passing interest in politics, could not escape knowing the identities of the party leadership. Their speeches filled the columns of theExpand
Epilogue: A Liberal War?
Edwardian Liberals had been confused and divided about defence and foreign policy. But they had been united in thinking about the prospect of British participation in a European conflict withExpand
Lloyd George and land reform: the Welsh context
Liberalism and Democracy
One of the most important ways in which Liberals thought of their role in extending the bounds of freedom and liberty was in the context of expanding the right of people to participate in legislationExpand
Peace-time Prime Minister, 1918–22
The post-war coalition government has usually been seen, both by contemporaries and historians, as very much ‘Lloyd George’s government’. In some ways this is indisputable. The peculiar combinationExpand
Foreign, Defence and Colonial Policy
Liberal foreign policy in 1905–14 was the policy of one man, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Sir Edward Grey — the only cabinet figure appointed in December 1905 who held the same officeExpand
Robert Southey: later poetical works, 1811-1838 [volume 1: shorter poems and volume 3: poems from the laureate period, 1813-1823]
Robert Southey (1774-1843) was once a prolific and celebrated writer of the Romantic school. Yet despite spending thirty years as Poet Laureate, Southey's reputation has long been eclipsed by that ofExpand
Krahô - Mẽ aquêtjê jakàmpê - No lugar de teus antepassados – Um chamado ao pátio Krahô
Apresento aqui um exemplar de um genero de arte verbal kraho denominado hocjer xa. No dia a dia, ele e comumente usado para transmitir recados e avisos sobre o andamento das atividades da aldeia. JaExpand