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Molecular analysis of Neanderthal DNA from the northern Caucasus
Phylogenetic analysis places the two Neanderthals from the Caucasus and western Germany together in a clade that is distinct from modern humans, suggesting that their mtDNA types have not contributed to the modern human mtDNA pool.
Introduction to Supersymmetric Theory of Stochastics
The possibility of constructing a unified theory of DLRO has emerged recently within the approximation-free supersymmetric theory of stochastics (STS), which may be interesting to researchers with very different backgrounds because the ubiquitous DLRO is a truly interdisciplinary entity.
Polymorphism of dopamine D2 and D4 receptor genes and Slavic‐surnamed alcoholic patients
The results indicate that the A1 allele of the DRD2 gene is associated with susceptibility to alcoholism in general and is significantly prevalent among alcoholics with a family history, in comparison with alcoholics without a family History.
Self-organized criticality as Witten-type topological field theory with spontaneously broken Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin symmetry.
  • I. Ovchinnikov
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 9 February 2011
The proposition of this paper suggests that the machinery of W-TFTs may find its applications in many different areas of modern science studying various physical realizations of SOC and suggests that there may in principle exist a connection between some SOC's and the concept of topological quantum computing.
The His1069Gln mutation in the ATP7B gene in Russian patients with Wilson disease
To date, more than 50 disease specific mutations have been identified in a number of WD patients from different countries, and some were reported to be frequent in specific populations, which may help to introduce rapid diagnostic procedures based on direct DNA analysis into routine clinical practice.
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 in Russia
Progressive cerebellar ataxia in their series of SCA1 patients was very commonly associated with dysarthria (in all cases) and pyramidal signs (in 10 of 11 cases), and in three patients from one family the authors found optic atrophy, which has never been described before in genetically proven cases ofSCA1.
Vasorelaxant and antiplatelet activity of 4,7‐dimethyl‐1,2,5‐oxadiazolo[3,4‐d]pyridazine 1,5,6‐trioxide: role of soluble guanylate cyclase, nitric oxide and thiols
FPTO and FPDO significantly increased cyclic GMP levels in aortic rings and platelets and this increase was blocked by ODQ and a predominant role is played by NO at FPTO concentrations below 1 μM.
Topological Field Theory and Computing with Instantons
TFTs of another type, specifically the gauge-field-less Witten-type TFTs known as topological sigma models, describe the recently proposed digital memcomputing machines (DMMs) - engineered dynamical systems with point attractors being the solutions of the corresponding logic circuit that solves a specific task.
Quasi-two-dimensional excitons in finite magnetic fields
We present a theoretical and experimental investigation of the effects of a magnetic field on quasi-twodimensional excitons. We calculate the internal structures and dispersion relations of spatially