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Wireless Infrared Pyrometer with Fiber Optic: Construction and Processing Algorithms
In this paper, developed wireless portable infrared pyrometer with dual channel fiber optic is described. Expand
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An Infrared Pyrometer for Monitoring the Temperature of Materials in Vacuum Systems
A pyrometer of IR radiation for monitoring the melting and strengthening temperatures of metals in vacuum systems is described. A diaphragmed optical system is used, which ensures the requiredExpand
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High-precision radiometer of infrared radiation
Microprocessor radiometer with two-channel diaphragmatic optical system for high-precision measurements in infrared wave band (2–25 µm) is designed. The radiometer allows for measuring the surfaceExpand
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Polygaussian Approximation and Adaptive Processing of an Electrocardiographic Signal Against Interference Background
We present the results of a study and substantiation of the method of polygaussian approximation of an electrocardiographic (ECG) signal against interference background during computer analysis ofExpand
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Adaptive estimation of parameters of a pulsed process against narrow-band noise background using the method of threshold statistics
We solve the problem of determining unknown information parameters of a process having continuous and pulsed components. It is proposed to modify the maximum likelihood method (MLM) on the basis ofExpand
On Protection of the Modulation Radiometer Against Pulse Interference by Controlling the Frequency of the Reference Oscillation
We have developed methods for adaptation of the modulation radiometer under the conditions of a priori uncertainty of the temporal distribution of pulsed interference. Two ways of forming theExpand
A new genus and species of Staphylininae rove beetle from the Peruvian Amazon (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)
Abstract A new monotypic genus of Staphylininae Latreille, 1802 tribe incertae sedis is proposed based on Amazonothops aslakigen. et sp. nov. from the Peruvian Amazon. Descriptions and illustrationsExpand
Directivity of a Spherical Two-Mirror Antenna with an Extended Infrared Receiver
Some characteristics of Cassegrain optical systems, consisting of two spherical mirrors, are considered. Based on simulations in the geometric-optical approximation for a wide range of parameters, weExpand
Infrared Radiometry of High-Temperature Processes During the Spot Heating of Materials
We propose the method of a “shifted” meter for monitoring the temperature regimes during the spot heating of materials and present the results of an experimental study of the proposed method in theExpand
Using Flexural Waves to Create Acoustic Transducers for Nondestructive-Test Systems
We present the results of theoretical and experimental studies of the field structure of a distributed flexural-wave antenna. The efficiency of mechanical-acoustical transformation in such an antennaExpand